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ALC Newsletter #11

BROUGHT TO YOU BY ALC Volume 4/Issue 2

Who we are

Lee V. Pollard's academic Learning Center (ALC) is a credit recovery program enabling students to finish a course in 10 school days (or less) without waiting for teacher assignments. Students and teachers work closely on a highly individualized graduation plan setting goals and working through many academic and personal challenges. ALC is a QUIET, independent, study hall environment with teacher assistance as needed. Thirty seat time hours per course is a vital component of ALC. All absences and tardies must be made up in conjunction with completing course requirements.


           Madison O’Reilly                                Stevin Tawfik


           Tatum Cimarusti                                  Shahd Halisi


         Bailey Rindlisbacher                        Ismael Flores-Millan

“Unity is strength…where there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” ~Mattie Stepanek

A Recent Success

Ms. Arenas:

 Many of my students kept
 up with their deadlines. They never hit “a wall” and motivated each other constantly! They were so   inspiring!

Mr. Wright:

 Iris M. worked very hard until the end.  Her drive is very impressive!

Ms. Saunders:

 We had our first “cub” who was a delight to have in class! It was amazing to see how our lions took her in, mentored her, and helped   to continually motivate her.

IN their words…

Q: Why does ALC work for you?

“It gives me a healthy environment to work in”—Nataly Z.

“The hours in schoolwork for me and that I am able to get my work done.”—Don A. 

“ALC works for me because I can work on my own time.” --Shushu H.

“ALC works for me because it is easier to work online for me and it helps me stay focused.” –Sara G.

“ALC works for me because it sets a good pace for you and gives you a chance to get on track.” –Aryana C.

“ALC works because I feel like completing classes is much less complicated which is less stressful for everybody.”—Ismael F.


Pearls of Wisdom

Students share what they have done and/or learned from ALC.

“I have accomplished more work in ALC and learned more than I did in regular high school.” –Jazmin B.

“Something I’ve accomplished is getting on top of my work and taking responsibility for my work.”--Briana A.

“I have passed classes!” –Sara G.

“I have completed a lot of my work and I’m on track to recovering all of my missing credits.” –Victoria P.

“I’ve finally been able to get my work done and I’ve passed my classes.  I’ve learnt the way I work best.” –Joslyn V.

Advice to Future ALC students

“Focus on your work and don’t get distracted.” –Nataly Z.

“Stay on track and don’t overcomplicate things…and good luck!” –Ismael F.

“My advice to future students is not to waste time.” –Celeste G.

“Focusing on your work and getting your stuff done will help you succeed.  Set your goals and instead of saying that you might get things done, say ‘I CAN, and I WILL.’  Be determined to do what you want and you will do so.” –Joslyn V.

“To relax, not miss any of your work, and use your time wisely.”—Paul M.



Portfolios completed in ALC to date: 321

Graduates to date: 6










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