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ALC Newsletter #15

Volume 6/Issue 2

Who we are:

Lee V. Pollard's academic Learning Center (ALC) is a credit recovery program enabling students to finish a course in 10 school days (or less) without waiting for teacher assignments. Students and teachers work closely on a highly individualized graduation plan setting goals and working through many academic and personal challenges. ALC is a QUIET, independent, study hall environment with teacher assistance as needed. Thirty seat time hours per course is a vital component of ALC. All absences and tardies must be made up in conjunction with completing course requirements.

Graduates 2023

Laurin Iglesias,  Anoushah Khurram, Gareth Gitau, Mario Esparza, Jackie Ruiz, Cynthia Garcia, Leticia Moran, Iris Munoz-Espinoza, Blake McKinsey, Blas Robles, Kody Fuson, Kalissa Rangel, Ariana Zimmerman, Angel Lopez, Brian Martinez, Jacob Quintana, Jose Pulido, Lana Fritzche, Nikolas Montleon, Tony Russell, Wendy Rodriguez, Xia Jimenez, Zoei Najar, Bassem Alayleh, Erick Chavez, Alfredo Gomez

In their words…

Why does ALC work for you?

“ALC works well with me because of my anxiety. I feel very comfy here, safe, and I trust everyone in my classroom.”

“It helped me complete my classes when I was failing and falling far behind.”

“Because it allows me to work at my own pace while knowing when due dates are.”

“It let me focus on schoolwork and allows me to work at my job more.”

“ALC works for me because I’m not in school for too many hours. However, having Saunders as my teacher and being in her class along with everyone here has helped me so much in many ways.”

“ALC gives me more time to focus on my work.”

“I believe it works for me because it encourages me to focus on my work.”

“ALC works for me because you only focus on one class at a time.” -Jorge H.

“ALC works for me because of the learning environment, there are no distractions. This allows my focus to be Edgenuity.” -Alexandra Q.


What have you accomplished and/or learned from ALC?

“I’ve accomplished earning back the credits I’ve been missing from the previous years.” -Kalissa R.

“I have finished the classes I needed to graduate on time.” -Alfredo

“I’ve done my work faster, had more free time, and my teacher is amazing.” -Bassem

“I accomplished a lot of work ever since I joined. I also learned that it is never too late.”

“Since joining ALC, I have been able to catch up on my credits and have been able to go back to my home school to do sports.”

“I have an easier time getting my work done. I have learned that there is still a chance for me to learn everything I couldn’t the last couple of years.”

“I have learned that if I really try and do my work it’s easy to keep up.”

“I have earned a lot of credits.”-Luis R.

“Learned that slacking off will come back to haunt you.”-Anthony

“I have done many more of my classes in one semester rather than a whole year. I was also able to focus more because we’re able to listen to music. ALC was also great for my mental health.”

“ALC has helped me catch up with my work at my own pace. I have learned better time management.”

“I have learned what dedication means. What it means to have your life on a routine to better myself in all aspects.” -Randy R.

“Overall, how to be a better person. Everyone in this class has been through something and we’re all persevering. We’re all determined to get through the day. We have each other’s backs.”

Advice to future ALC students?

“Just try your best and finish the classes on time and get the credits to graduate.”-Jorge H.

“Stay on track with your assignments because you can easily fall behind.”-Alexandra Q.

“Go for it! Best academic decision I’ve ever made.”

“To not be afraid. It’s comfy and safe. Especially if you are like me and just can’t do it. This is the place where you don’t have to be afraid. ”

“Be yourself. It’s modified to you. You can do it. It’s just about your work ethic and how bad you want it. So, go get it!”

“ALC gives you time to have a life outside of school and joining ALC was the best choice I made for my education. I continually get my work done the way that best fits me and my time.”

“My advice to future ALC students would be stay determined and focused on your long-term goal. Whether that is returning to your home school or graduating from Pollard.”

“Keep yourself motivated and pace yourself as well. If you’re having trouble with a class, talk to a teacher.”

“Go in, sit down, and get to work. You’ve been given multiple chances so take this opportunity and build off it.”

“Do not be afraid to ask for help. Always have good communication with the ones around you.”


Portfolios completed in ALC to date (semester 2): 391

Graduates to date (semester 2): 26

Attendance rate (semester 2): 74.14%

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